The 6 Most Beautiful Riads In Essaouira You Should Book In 2024

Riad Essaouira - Chbanate 1

Essaouira is a beautiful coastal city located 200 km west of the city of Marrakech. It is an absolutely charming city that teems with history and authentic traditions, making it one of Morocco‘s most popular destinations. If you’re planning to visit Essaouira, we have selected 6 beautiful traditional Moroccan houses for you that will only add magic to your trip.

As these riads are the best in the area, they tend to sell out pretty quickly so make sure to book your room in advance and not miss out on any deals. 2 to 3 months in advance should be enough.

Without further ado, let’s start this selection with one of our favorite traditional houses in the region.

1. Riad Chbanate

Riad Essaouira #1 - Riad Chbanate

Riad Chbanate is an exceptional house in Essaouira where you will spend the dreamiest holidays ever. It is located at the gates of the beautiful medina, on the ramparts of the ancient city. It is, therefore, the perfect location to be able to visit the city’s main attractions. It offers a great terrace with nice benches to sunbathe on and a jacuzzi to relax during the day or even at night.

Riad Essaouira - Chbanate 3

Its patio is also decorated with a beautiful fountain and many plants that give the place a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere. The Chbanate riad also offers impressive rooms. They are spacious, comfortable and have a fireplace to warm you up in the winter.

Riad Essaouira - Chbanate 2

Book Here: Riad Chbanate

2. Chems Bleu

Riad Essaouira - Chems Bleu

“Chems Bleu” literally means “blue sun”. This riad is covered in blue and offers beautiful views of the sea. Imagine drinking a minty tea in this beautiful setting! 🙂

Riad Essaouira - Chems Bleu 1

Chems Bleu also offers nice rooms with great views and affordable prices for great customer service. It is located on the coast and in the center of the old town where you can enjoy beautiful sunsets.

Riad Essaouira - Chems Bleu 2

Book Here: Chems Bleu

3. Baladin

Riad Essaouira - Riad Baladin 2

The Baladin riad was built in a very traditional and quite rustic style. The staff is very welcoming and friendly and will be at your service whenever you need anything. Damien, the manager of the riad, will be available if you need any advice on how to plan your stay in Essaouira.

Riad Essaouira - Riad Baladin 1

The terrace is very nice with several loungers if you’d like to lie down and get tanned or just relax. You will also have access to the beautiful jacuzzi that you see in the picture below.

Riad Essaouira - Riad Baladin

Book Here: Riad Baladin

4. Dar Maya

Riad Essaouira - Dar Maya 3

Dar Maya had to make it to our selection of the most beautiful riads of Essaouira. And just by looking at the design of the private bathroom it offers, you can easily see why. We’re sure you’ll love the interior decoration of the riad with its gray and ochre tones.

Riad Essaouira - Dar Maya 2

The rooms are also gorgeous and you will have access to a swimming pool on the terrace. What more do you need? 🙂

Riad Essaouira - Dar Maya 1

Book Here: Dar Maya

5. Diamant Blanc

Riad Essaouira - Diamant Blanc

The aptly named Diamant Blanc (literally “white diamond”) is an absolute gem in the heart of the medina of Essaouira. Its very convenient location will allow you to enjoy a beautiful view of both the port and the old town.

Riad Essaouira - Diamant Blanc 01

Book Here: Diamant Blanc

6. Riad Emotion

Riad Essaouira - Riad Emotion 2

Last but not least on this list of the most beautiful traditional houses of Essaouira is the Riad Emotion. Like the Baladin, it offers a rustic atmosphere with a colonial style decoration and a beautiful fireplace.

I think you can’t find a better reading corner anywhere else! 🙂

Riad Essaouira - Riad Emotion

The rooms of Riad Emotion are also beautiful with large and comfortable beds and an orange-scented atmosphere.

Riad Essaouira - Riad Emotion 1

Book Here: Riad Emotion

I’m sure you fell in love with these charming riads in Essaouira just like we did. What is your favorite? Feel free to let us know in the comments below!

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See you all soon and have a good stay in Essaouira!


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