Riad Agadir Morocco – The 5 Best Traditional Moroccan Houses For Your Stay

Riad Agadir - La Vida Surf Dar Shajara 02

Riad Agadir Morocco – Agadir is a city located about 250km southwest of Marrakech and is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Morocco. Located along Morocco’s southern Atlantic coast, it offers beautiful beaches but also a peculiar cultural heritage.

To make the change of scenery even more exotic, why not stay in one of the city’s riads? We have listed for you 5 of the best traditional hotels in Agadir where you will be transported into an Arabian Nights dream!

1. Riad des Golfs

Riad des Golfs is the first riad we’re suggesting. It is conveniently located within walking distance of the city’s medina and offers a haven of peace and serenity. Traditional Moroccan architecture is very present with a nice patio and oriental style doors.

It also offers a big swimming pool to relax when the weather is hot. This riad is the ideal accommodation if you’re traveling with your family; customer service is exemplary!

Book Here: Riad des Golfs

2. Villa Blanche

Riad Agadir - Villa Blanche 02

Next on this list of the best traditional accommodations in Agadir is the dazzling Villa Blanche. This riad is on Palm Bay and is conveniently located within walking distance of the beach. It offers spacious and comfy Berber style rooms.

Riad Agadir - Villa Blanche

The Villa Blanche also has a large indoor and outdoor pool, not to mention a gym that will help you stay in shape all while enjoying the region’s tastiest dishes. 🙂

Riad Agadir - Villa Blanche 01

Book Here: Riad Villa Blanche

3. Les Chtis d’Agadir

Riad Agadir - Les Chtis d'Agadir 01

Before you ask, the name “Les Chtis d’Agadir” was given to this beautiful Moroccan house because it is run by Caroline and Didier, a Chti couple from the north of France. It has a beautiful patio in the center of the house and very comfortable rooms.

Riad Agadir - Les Chtis d'Agadir 02

Les Chtis d’Agadir also offers very reasonable prices and excellent customer service. It also has a beautiful terrace where you can relax while drinking a tasty mint tea under the stars!

Riad Agadir - Les Chtis d'Agadir 03

Book Here: Riad Les Chtis

4. Dar Haven

Riad Agadir - Riad Dar Haven 02

Our last two establishments are located outside Agadir, in charming places around the city. Let’s start with the wonderful Dar Haven which is located in Tamraght, a Berber village about 15 kilometers north of Agadir. One of the great assets of Dar Haven is its great hammam where you can relax after a long day of sightseeing.

Riad Agadir - Riad Dar Haven

It also offers a beautiful central pool so if you fancy a good swim early in the morning, dive in!

Riad Agadir - Riad Dar Haven 01

Book Here: Riad Dar Haven

5. La Vida Surf Dar Shajara

Riad Agadir - La Vida Surf Dar Shajara 01

Last but not least is the magnificent Dar Shajara. It is located in Taghazout which is a charming fishing village north of Agadir. This village is particularly popular among surfers, hence the name of the La Vida Surf riad.

Riad Agadir - La Vida Surf Dar Shajara 03

Dar Shajara is a haven of peace that has everything you need for a relaxing and exotic stay. The Berber style design and decor are absolutely delightful. Definitely one of our favorites!

Riad Agadir - La Vida Surf Dar Shajara 02

Book Here: Riad Dar Shajara

That’s it for our list of the 5 most beautiful riads in Agadir! I hope you liked it and that it will help you choose your accommodation. Feel free to send us your questions in the comments section below.

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