The 5 Most Beautiful Riads In Fes You Need To Book In 2024

Riad Fes Medina - Dar Bensouda

I’m sure you have heard of the magnificent riads of Marrakech but did you know that the city of Fes also offers absolutely magnificent riads to its visitors? Here’s our selection of five of the best riads in the region.

Given their popularity, keep in mind that these traditional houses sell out pretty fast so be sure to book your rooms early enough! Let’s get right into this top 5, starting with Riad Karawan.

1. Riad Karawan

Riad Fes Medina - Karawan

The Karawan is a real beauty we are sure you will absolutely love. It has recently been renovated but has kept its unique charm. One of the reasons the Karawan made it into this list is its superb hammam which is accessible to all residents of the riad. After long days of sightseeing, a steaming hot bath will definitely be your road to blissful relaxation.

Riad Fes Medina - Karawan 01

The Karawan also has a terrace with a breathtaking view of the whole old city of Fes.

Riad Fes Medina - Karawan 02

Book Here: Riad Karawan

2. Palais Bahia

Riad Fes Medina - Palais Bahia 03

As the name suggests, this riad is a real palace. As in most riads, it has a beautiful fountain with really nice tiling in the central patio. The staff of the Palais Bahia are particularly attentive to the comfort of their guests and treat them like royalty! By the way, a shuttle will pick you up directly from the airport to get you to the riad.

Riad Fes Medina - Palais Bahia 01

You will also have access to the small pool that you see below to rest and relax. The riad also has great rooms with comfortable beds, lots of space and beautiful interior decoration. The price per night at Palais Bahia remains affordable considering the excellent quality of its services.

Riad Fes Medina - Palais Bahia 02

Book Here: Riad Palais Bahia

3. Dar Bensouda

Riad Fes Medina - Dar Bensouda 02

The riad Dar Bensouda was built and decorated in the ‘pure’ and traditional Moroccan way, with a mixture of blue and earthy colours creating a very relaxing and pleasant atmosphere. By the way, many riads use the term dar to name their establishments and it simply means “home” in Arabic.

Riad Fes Medina - Dar Bensouda 01

Dar Bensouda also has a nice swimming pool as well as spacious and comfortable rooms.

Riad Fes Medina - Dar Bensouda 03

Book Here: Riad Dar Bensouda

4. Dar Borj

Riad Fes Medina - Dar Borj 01

Dar Borj has also been recently renovated while retaining its traditional aspect to stay true to the original concept of the riad. Dar Borj offers rich breakfasts including many local specialties prepared the homemade way. You will get to enjoy your meals at Dar Borj on a charming terrace decorated with wrought iron and overlooking the medina.

Riad Fes Medina - Dar Borj

Book Here: Riad Dar Borj

5. Al Pacha

Riad Fes Medina - Al Pacha 01

Last but not least on this list of the most beautiful riads of the city of Fes is Al Pacha. In addition to providing excellent service, this riad is one of the cheapest on this list, making it suitable for smaller budgets. It is nonetheless a great riad with a beautiful open patio, a hammam, and beautifully decorated rooms.

Riad Fes Medina - Al Pacha 02

Book Here: Riad Al Pacha

I hope these 5 sublime traditional houses made you want to visit the beautiful city of Fes. Pick your accommodation as soon as possible because these houses sell out pretty quickly, especially during high season.

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