The 7 Most Beautiful Riads In Marrakech You Should Book In 2024

Location Riad Marrakech #3 - Riad Jemaa El Fna 01

What’s a trip to Marrakech without at least a night in one of the beautiful riads of the city? Those incredible pieces of architecture are works of art, to say the least, and we guarantee that spending some time there will be a unique and outstanding experience. The riads of Marrakech will immerse you in the traditional Moroccan culture and atmosphere and offer you the exquisite comfort of luxurious accommodations.

As you can imagine, selecting only 7 of them was quite a difficult task because there are many exceptional riads in Marrakech. So let’s go over this list together, starting with Dar Assiya. Note that this list is in no particular order. All 7 riads are great in their way and we’re not rating them but compiling them into one useful list you can check any time.

1. Dar Assiya

Location Riad Marrakech #1 - Dar Assiya 01

Dar Assia is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful riads in Marrakech. It is located in the heart of the Medina and offers quick access to both Jemaa El Fna and Majorelle Gardens. As you can see, its patio has a royal palace feel, with a small pool in the center and beautiful luxurious furniture around. Such an authentic Moroccan atmosphere! 🙂

Location Riad Marrakech #1 - Dar Assiya 02

The rooms are also exceptional with traditional decor and nice, warm color palettes. There are only 5 rooms in Dar Assiya so if you are looking for an intimate and quiet setting, you won’t be disappointed! The staff will be more than happy to be at your service. It sells out pretty quickly though so make sure to book early.

Book Here: Dar Assiya

2. Almaha

Location Riad Marrakech #2 - Almaha Marrakech 01

The Almaha is also one of the best-known riads in Marrakech. Its patio is huge with a large central pool. It is located just outside the Medina and therefore offers a more peaceful environment to relax and chill out. The Saadian tombs and the Kasbah Moulay El Yazid mosque are close attractions if you’re interested.

Location Riad Marrakech #2 - Almaha Marrakech 03

Almaha also has beautifully decorated and very spacious rooms. The staff is welcoming and very professional. The roof terrace is also beautiful, can you picture yourself having a drink or smoking shisha in this magical setting?

Location Riad Marrakech #2 - Almaha Marrakech 02

Book Here: Almaha

3. Riad Jemaa El Fna

Location Riad Marrakech #3 - Riad Jemaa El Fna 01

As the name suggests, the Jemaa El Fna riad is located in the heart of the Medina so it will be very convenient for you to visit Marrakech’s must-see attractions.

The riad is designed in such a way that once you’re inside, you are surrounded with quiet even though it is built right next to the souk and to Jemaa El Fna. Just the thought of it is incredibly relaxing! This place is a haven of peace to its inhabitants.

The central swimming pool is its great asset and breakfast is served right next to it.

Location Riad Marrakech #3 - Riad Jemaa El Fna 02

There’s also a beautiful terrace where you can sunbathe all day long if you want. 🙂 At the end of the day, you can watch the sunset from the terrace.

Location Riad Marrakech #3 - Riad Jemaa El Fna 03

Book Here: Riad Jemaa El Fna

4. Riad Carina

Location Riad Marrakech #7 - Riad Carina 01

The Carina riad is the cheapest one of the list but it is no less charming than the rest of them. Less luxurious but more rustic and traditional, it has become one of the most popular riads of Marrakech. Built and decorated with clay and burnt bricks, this riad expresses Berber culture like no other.

Location Riad Marrakech #7 - Riad Carina 02

Its rooms are very bright and just as charming. Definitely one of our favorites! It’s also very affordable so it sells out pretty quickly so make sure to book early.

Book Here: Carina

5. Dix-Neuf La Ksour

Location Riad Marrakech #4 - Dix-Neuf La Ksour 01

We’re at the charming riad Dix-Neuf La Ksour, friends! The idea was born from a meeting between two very talented French architects (Karl Fournier and Olivier Marty) who ended up building yet another piece of heaven. Its patio is great with a large pool and a mix of traditional and contemporary Moroccan architecture.

Location Riad Marrakech #4 - Dix-Neuf La Ksour 02

Rooms at Dix-Neuf La Ksour are large, chic and comfortable. You’ll have everything you need there so no wonder it made it to this list!

Book Here: Dix-Neuf La Ksour

6. Ambre Et Epices

Location Riad Marrakech #5 - Riad Ambre Et Epices 01

Ambre et Epices is in the old district of Dar Elbach and its location is very convenient to wander around the city. Its patio is a work of art with a beautiful pool surrounded by two olive trees and many candles. An ambiance worthy of the Arabian Nights, isn’t it? The cuisine is also particularly exquisite and everything is of course homemade.

Location Riad Marrakech #5 - Riad Ambre Et Epices 02

During winter nights, you can warm up near this beautiful fireplace and read a book or just relax. The terrace offers an incredible view of Jemaa El Fna with the Atlas Mountains in the background.

Location Riad Marrakech #5 - Riad Ambre Et Epices 03

Book Here: Ambre et Epices

7. Abracadabra

Location Riad Marrakech #6 - Abracadabra 01

Last but not least on our list of the most beautiful riads of Marrakech is the Abracadabra. With a name like that, we expected a magical place! 🙂 And it definitely was. First of all for its flowery terrace and its view on the Medina.

Location Riad Marrakech #6 - Abracadabra 02

Then for the traditional furniture that was particularly charming; you can’t beat old, fascinating doors.

Book Here: Abracadabra

I hope that this selection will be useful to you and that it will help you choose your accommodation in Marrakech. If you have questions, comments or other riads to recommend, make sure to do so in the comments section below.

If you are looking for riads in other regions of Morocco, you can check out this blog post: Riads in Morocco.

I hope you have an excellent time in Morocco and would love to hear from you soon! Make sure to subscribe to our social media for more tips and good addresses in Africa: Facebook and Instagram.

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